My New Social Media Accounts!


Just a quick update post to let you know about my new ‘HarryClarkLaw’ Instagram and Twitter accounts! I’m hoping that these new platforms for the blog will allow me to share more of the creative behind-the-scenes process of my writing, as well as allowing me to keep in touch with my readers on a more frequent basis.

You can check out the link to my new accounts below, as well as my other main social media outlets for the blog. As always, you can also get in touch with me via email at See you there!

– Harry

My ‘Trainee Talk’ with The Corporate Law Academy

“Everybody and their mother has a book and a podcast these days.”

Loren Weisman.

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Jaysen Sutton, founder of The Corporate Law Academy, in his ‘Trainee Talk’ podcast series.

TCLA aims to assist aspiring commercial solicitors in their journey towards a Training Contract, providing a number of guides, resources and mentoring contacts. The online learning platform is full of really useful information that is invaluable to helping you through the application process for commercial firms – from online applications right through to assessment centres and interviews. TCLA also runs a number of networking conferences and events, designed to help you learn more about what a trainee’s responsibilities are, learn more about a certain sector of commercial law, or to simply develop your professional network.

Their podcast series, ‘Trainee Talk’, interviews current and future trainee solicitors at various law firms on a broad variety of topics. During my podcast episode, entitled “Leveraging your Unique Selling Points”, I spoke about:

  • My journey into the world of Law and securing a Training Contract
  • The development of this blog and my plans for it in the future
  • Mental health and wellbeing within the legal sector
  • The benefits of meditation and mindfulness – especially for Law students
  • My advice regarding networking, drafting an application and interviewing

…and much more! You can find links to the podcast episode and TCLA below.

Introducing – #LawyersOfLinkedIn

“Everything you want in life is a relationship away.”

Idowu Koyenikan.

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new series for my blog entitled ‘LawyersOfLinkedIn’. 

Throughout my experiences of using LinkedIn and developing this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some truly remarkable people within the legal sector. This series aims to give a brief glimpse into the thoughts and motivations behind some of those individuals in an interview-style format of Q&A. The series will aim to ask questions about a broad variety of topics and questions, but will always explore why that individual wanted to be a lawyer in the first place. The diversity and variety of responses I’ve received whilst asking those I know that question has always fascinated me and I hope this series will be a platform to share those aspirations with those of you reading.

I also want to try an encapsulate a broad variety of people for this series – from aspiring solicitors and trainees right through to partners and recruitment managers. In my view, the great range of backgrounds and experiences I can encompass the better! I’ll be running this series alongside, but separate to, a number of articles that contain interviews which are more topic-centric and not as extensive. For this series, however, I ultimately want to do my best to capture an individual’s ambitions within the legal world and a glimpse into their journey so far. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to feature as one of the ‘LawyersOfLinkedIn’ in future, then (as the name suggests) feel free to drop me a connection request at the link below. If you’d rather get in touch with me by email, you can do so at


“Take your first step and you will walk before you know it.”

― Anthony T. Hincks.

Welcome to my new blog, HarryClarkLaw!

I’ve always wanted a space to be able to share my thoughts on the latest legal developments, as well as one to be able to share any wisdom I can to fellow aspiring solicitors. This blog will aim to cover a broad variety of topics, on everything from law in pop culture to the latest lawtech, and application tips through to legal philosophy.

I’d love to connect with my readers, so feel free to get in touch over at my Contact page.

Happy Reading!
– Harry

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